Ben does data visualization, creative coding, information design, visual journalism, UX engineering, and front-end development.

Here's some recent work.

Global Flood Database

Published in Nature

Exploratory dashboard of the world’s largest collection of flood maps. In collaboration with Cloud to Street and in support of original research published in Nature.

data viz design

MA K-12 COVID Testing Dashboard

Published in Cell

Dashboard to track the COVID-19 testing strategies of school districts in MA. In support of the STSS collaborative.

data viz dev

To All the Books I Read in 2020


Data viz essay looking back on the books I read in 2020.

data viz dev essay

Tiny Algae and the Theater of Planting 1 Trillion Trees

Parametric Press

An interactive data essay written for the Parametric Press issue on climate change.

data viz dev essay

2019 - A Year in Data


A retrospective of the data I tracked during 2019. Each category of data became a data viz poster to highlight and remember stats from the year.

data viz dev design